Man with beard and blue cerulean or teal bow tie. Bowtie and Grey Wool Jacket


Style and quality have been the mainstay of apparel companies for decades, but uniqueness has been compromised in favor of the status quo. While many businesses have created novel products for their customers, their options are overcast by the mainstream items that preach uniqueness but do nothing of the sort.

Rickhouse Dapper, based out of Detroit, Michigan, is committed to giving gentlemen genuinely unique and dapper products to complement their lifestyles. We sell products that are affordable, extraordinarily designed and manufactured with care. Men need a place to find affordable products easily, and that's what we at Rickhouse Dapper intend to create. You shouldn't be forced to window shop in front of a store at a branded retail chain. You're more than that.

Everything from rugged and relaxed to classy and dashing can be found here, and we're only going to grow. Through our customers' support and feedback, we promise to strive to give you quality products and affordable options. Rickhouse Dapper is the name, turning heads is our game. 

Stay Dapper and always remember to #FlauntYoSelf,